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Salt Test

Test the potential of your salt

You would like to improve the quality of your salt and are interested in the Salt Partners technologies?

Raw salt from any saltworks in the world is unique in its chemical composition and crystal morphology. Thus, binding information on the performance of the Salt Partners technology requires testing of the specific salt with the appropriate testing procedure. Only then you will know the potential of your salt.

The following standard salt tests are being performed for our clients in our laboratories:

  • The HYDROSAL-XP test is recommended to examine how the HYDROSAL process could improve the productivity of a solar saltworks. Conventional salt washing facilities are loosing, on average, some 10 - 15% of the salt, sometimes more. The HYDROSAL-XP process is able to fully purify solar salt with only 2 - 3% losses. An additional benefit is the improvement of salt quality.
  • The HYDROSAL-XPC test should be selected when you are considering to remove impurities from salt prior to its dissolution in brine, with the aim to significantly reduce the brine pollution and the costs for brine purification chemicals. In the test we will compare the performance of the HYDROSAL-XP to the HYDROSAL-XC process and determine the processing for optimum cost-benefit ratio.
  • The HYDROSAL-XPCMR test is appropriate when you consider making a full range of products for industrial and human consumption. This may include cooking and table salt, various grades of coarse, medium and fine salt, salt with extra low sulphate, salt having a particular calcium/magnesium ratio or a PDV-equivalent salt. The test includes a comparison of the performance of all three HYDROSAL processes (HYDROSAL-XP, HYDROSAL-XC, HYDROSAL-XRT) with a bench mark product for whiteness, free flowing properties, visible impurities, etc. The test provides the bases for a marketing feasibility study.
  • The ASR test will predict the effect of ASR reagent on the solubility of anhydrite (CaSO4) when salt is dissolved in water or brine.
  • The SOLARSAL or THERMOSAL salt recrystallisation or brine evaporation test simulates solar or rock salt recrystallisation using the SOLARSAL or THERMOSAL process. The recrystallised salt is used as industrial and/or table salt.

In a detailed report, Salt Partners laboratory specifies the quality of your salt or brine regarding chemical composition, colour and other relevant properties, before and after purification with the appropriate testing procedure. The report is accompanied by samples of each product. Based on the test results, Salt Partners determine the process performance guarantees.