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Let nature work for you

BIOSAL is a technology for biological management of solar saltworks.

In all solar saltworks a biological system inevitably develops, consisting of organisms living in the brine and at the bottom of evaporating ponds. The biological system is able to aid or decrease salt production quantity and quality.

A healthy biological system has the ability to:

  • Clarify the brine in the pre-concentration ponds and colour the concentrated brine in the crystallisers purple red. The brine absorbs more solar radiation, which results in higher water temperatures and higher evaporation rates.
  • Form living microbial mats. The microbial mats seal the porous ground of the evaporation ponds and reduce leakage of brine.
  • Consume nutrients entering the saltworks with sea water. Thus the brine in the crystallisers is free of organic matterial. Salt crystals grown from such biologically purified brine are large, hard, clear and pure.

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