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HYDROSAL-XRT makes salt refining more profitable

Traditional salt processing consists of washing, drying, crushing and screening. Salt processed this way is, at the best, dark white. The crystals are irregular sharp-edged splinters with poor free flowing properties.

In the HYDROSAL-XRT process, hydromilling selectively ruptures the salt crystals where the impurities are embedded and provides the crystals with regular, rounded form. After hydromilling, impurities are separated from the salt crystals before drying.

With the HYDROSAL-XRT process you can make a full range of products for industrial and human consumption. This may include cooking and table salt and various grades of coarse, medium and fine salt. The salt is brilliant white with crystals of regular size and shape that guarantees excellent free-flowing properties. Salt purity is typically in the 99.7 - 99.95% range, NaCl losses are approx. 4 - 8% and moisture content is approx. 0.05 - 0.1%. HYDROSAL-XRT refined salt matches the quality of vacuum salt at substantially lower production cost, granting the producer a healthy profit margin.

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