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HYDROSAL is the way to turn salt into gold

The HYDROSAL salt upgrading process is an advanced technology for production of high quality salt. It is designed to suit specific characteristics of any raw salt feedstock. Purification efficiency, separation of insoluble particles from salt crystals and yield of the upgraded salt are improved by this innovative technology.

The HYDROSAL process with hydroextraction of impurities operates with pure saturated brine in a counter-current plug flow in upward direction. HYDROSAL avoids formation of salt lumps in the hydroextractor by an innovative method of salt flow control. The new HYDREX-4 hydroextractor has a compact, cost saving design. The integrated multi-vortex technology reduces salt losses by counter-current hydroseparation of fine insoluble particles from salt crystals.

HYDROSAL plants feature:

  • High product salt purity
  • Low losses of NaCl
  • Low consumption of utilities
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Low capital investment cost

Within the HYDROSAL family of technologies there are several processing options, known as the HYDROSAL-XP, the HYDROSAL-XC and the HYDROSAL-XRT processes. Selection depends on the raw salt and on the desired product quality.

What exactly could you expect from the HYDROSAL technology regarding the product salt quality will become clear when we have tested a representative sample of your raw salt. The salt test page lists the testing procedures carried out in Salt Partners laboratories.