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EAGLE Artemia Cysts
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EAGLE Artemia Cysts

Since thousands of years solar salt has been produced from the salty waters of the Yellow Sea in Northern China in the world largest saltworks. The Chinese character for salt reflects this old tradition. It shows salt crystals (bottom) and a worker collecting it (top right) under the supervision of an official (top left).

EAGLE Artemia Cysts supplied by Salt Partners originate from the famous Tianjin TEDA area located at the northwestern coast of Bohai Bay.


The quality of EAGLE Artemia Cysts is excellent:

  • Hatching efficiency: 225'000 (+/- 20'000) nauplii per gram
  • Hatching rate: approx. 93% (+/- 2%)

Each delivered lot of EAGLE Artemia Cysts is being tested in Salt Partners laboratories. Test protocols are available on request. Please use the contact form.